Endeavour is a CIMT initiative focused on the translation and commercialization of cancer immunotherapies and diagnostics. CIMT Endeavour aims to organize and create a unique and focused education and networking platform for the translation of cancer immunotherapies from preclinical proof of concept to products for patients.


Call for abstracts

Scientists from the CIMT Annual Meeting community are invited to submit a research abstract for the CIMT 2016 Endeavour workshop and change their perspective from science to business.

The 2016 workshop will take place as part of the CIMT Annual Meeting and will provide an opportunity for scientists to share their research findings with the workshop participants, who include experts in the fields of cancer immunotherapy, intellectual property and commercialization. The experts will assess the strengths and weaknesses of the research findings and discuss the potential for translating them into products. Go to http://www.abstractserver.de/cimt2016/absmgm/ to submit your CIMT abstract.


Workshop participation and registration:

The 2016 workshop is open to the attendees of the CIMT Annual Meeting at no extra charge. However, as spaces are limited, a workshop registration is required. To register, please go to meeting.cimt.eu.

Participants not registered for the Annual Meeting will have to pay a workshop fee in the amount of 50 EUR. Please contact office@cimt.eu for registration or more information.


CIMT Endeavour 2016 is organized in cooperation with

Ci3, Cluster for Individualized Immuneintervention and Oslo Cancer Cluster, and is supported by a grant from the German Ministry of Education and Science (BMBF).